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1to5 is an interactive hand replayer which helps you test your poker skills and improve your game quickly.

On 1to5 you can easily learn from the best in real & challenging situations.

  • Watch short, well-played hands from our two collections:
    • Pro vs Amateur collection
    • Pro vs Pro collection (with expert analysis)
  • Choose the pro’s next move in a crucil point of the hand
  • Compare your choice with other 1to5 members
  • Watch expert analysis for each Pro vs Pro hand
    • ( We are collecting requests for translations of the analysis into other languages. Please make a request at the end of the hand if interested. )


Each hand is selected by 1to5 from live and online games featuring the best players.

A new Pro vs Amateur hand is realeased daily. The majority of hands are from different online poker rooms.

A new Pro vs Pro hand is realeased weekly on Thursdays. The majority are live cash and tournament hands from different tours.

Each hand is labeled as cash (CASH) or tournament (TOURNAMENT) play

The 1to5 player recreates real historical poker hands for education and commentary purposes. None of the players or venues depicted in the recreations are affiliated with 1to5 in any way. No endorsements exist or are implied. All player photos used with generous permission from cardplayer.com.

Our technology was developed by experienced poker players. The content is based on real hands chosen specifically to encourage fast, easy learning.

1to5.com is a patent-pending technology for online learning.

Feel free to contact us anytime.

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  • We are happy to get new info about well-played or interesting hands played by pros. Please click here to send us a link to the hand.

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